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Our Hero Farmer.


TUNE — "Yankee Doodle."

The Hero Farmer is the man
The Buckeye boys delight in;
He'll renovate our State affairs,
And be the man for fighting.

Hero Farmer, boys hurra,
Log cabins and hard cider;
We'll sing and vote for HARRISON,
And make our circle wider.

Van calls him Granny Petticoats,
We do not care for this, sir;
He'll rid the nation of its rogues,
A Granny then, he is, sir.
Hero Farmer, &c.

Let Matty come with all his host,
And office-holding crew, sir;
We'll march up to the ballot-box,
And show that we are true, sir.
Hero Farmer, &c.

We'll wager now a cider cup,
And bring it on the table,
Since Yankee boys have started up,
To beat them we are able.
Hero Farmer, &c.

Columbia's freedom is assailed;
The people still are brothers;
The Government has nearly failed,
It must be worked by others.
Hero Farmer, &c.