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248. Rebecca Herndon (William H. Herndon Interview).

Septr: 28th 1866

Rebecca Herndon (My Mother — God bless her

Says — am from Virginia — am 76 years old — Came to Ky in ___ when I was 8 years of age — . We Sang old hundred in Va. and other Christian Songs of that day — about 1798. We cultivated tobacco — and sent it to Richmond — We came in a squad of 40 persons to Cumberland Mountains as we came to Ky — Sold our waggons — packed our horses — men generally walked — women and children rode — went through what is called the Crab apple orchard — Some — Most of the Settlers of Ky from Va Came down the Ohio — Some crossed the [border?] river called ___ We came by Stanford Ky a small village in ___ Co Ky — and thence to Green Co Ky — . I forgot — We Sang Songs against the Yankees then. Now all that prejudice is gone — gone long since — They are good people — good neighbors — good citizens. A Scotch lady gave me a copy of Burn's as Early as 1812 or 1815 — We — my sisters & myself learned Burns by heart — Sang his Songs — Such as "Bonny Doon — " "High


and Mary" "Soldiers return" — I learned a song which I can now repeat — called the Indian Philosopher, a fine poem of some 10 or more verses — it is what may be called a sad — rather reflective Poem. —

We danced Sang cheerful Songs — Christian ones too — am a Methodist — parents old school Presbyterian. I was a school mistress in Ky in 1812 or 15 — We visited — were Social, more so than now. We raised our own Cotton — carded Spun it — wove it — have picked Cotton Many Many a day — . Seeded it with my own fingers till Whitneys Cottin gin was invented about 1791. Am an abolitionist in sentiment — in feeling & ideas — run with my husband who is democratic: Your grandfather Day was through the Revolution — was a true & tried Patriott — Emancipated his Slaves about 1789 — as I now recollect. — You remember he used to tell you his Revlutionary Stories — his trials — Sufferings — his good old but Ever undaunted. You remember how you when a little lad used to [fire?] up & your Eyes run over with tears at the recitle — of American wrongs — and our hardships. &c. You ask me about Ills — We your father & myself, with my good old father & mother now dead & gone — , Came poor & friendless to Ills in 1821. My mother now lies buried in Menard Co & my father in DeWitt Co — Shall soon follow them.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2683 — 84



1. The docketing, after the name, reads: only as to customs — &c. of Va & Ky.

2. Possibly "The Banks o'Doon," "Highland Mary," and "When Wild War's Deadly Blast Was Blawn."

3. Archer G. Herndon, WHH's father.

4. Edward Day (1760 — 1836), Rebecca Herndon's father.