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A Beacon Has Been Lighted.


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Parody by G. W. C. Air, " Blue-eyed Mary."

A beacon has been lighted,
Bright as the noon-day sun;
On worlds of mind benighted,
Its rays are pouring down;

Full many a shrine of error,
And many a deed of shame,
Dismayed, has shrunk in terror,
Before the lighted flame.

Victorious, on, victorious!
Proud beacon onward haste;


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floods of light all glorious,
IIlume the moral waste,
Illume the moral waste.

Oppression foul has foundered,
The demon gasps for breath;
His rapid march is downward,
To everlasting death,
Old age and youth united,
His works shall prostrate hurl,
And soon himself, affrighted,
Shall hurry from this world,
Victorious, on, victorious, &c.

Proud liberty untiring,
Strikes at the monster's heart;
Beneath her blows expiring,
He dreads her well-aimed dart.
Her blows — we'll pray "God speed" them,
Oppression to despoil;
And how we fought for freedom,
Let future ages tell.
Victorious, on, victorious, &c.