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Awaked by Sinai's


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1. Awaked by Sinai's awful sound,
My soul in bonds of guilt I found,
And knew not where to go;
Eternal truth did loud proclaim,
"The sinner must be born again, Or sink to endless wo."


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2. When to the law I trembling fled,
It pour'd its curses on my head,
I no relief could find;
This fearful truth increased my pain,
"The sinner must be born again,"
O'erwhelm'd my tortured mind.

3. Again did Sinai's thunders roll,
And guilt lay heavy on my soul,
A vast, oppressive load:
Alas, I read, and saw it plain,
"The sinner must be born again,
Or drink the wrath of God, "

4. The saints I heard with rapture tell,
How Jesus conquer'd Death and Hell,
And broke the fowler's snare;
Yet, when I found this truth remain,
"The sinner must be born again,"
I sunk in deep despair.

5. But while I thus in anguish lay,
The gracious Savior pass'd this way,
And felt his pity move;
The sinner, by his justice slain,
Now by his grace is born again,
And sings redeeming love.