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The Union's Call.


TUNE -- "All the Blue Bonnets."

Arm, arm, sons of the Union,
'Gainst Mexican tyranny, arm for the battle,
Arm, arm, in gallant communion,
The drums of the foemen insultingly rattle;
Their sun banner waving,
Our Texas star craving;
False nations send soldiers and captains to lead them,
Raise the loud battle cry,
Onward to Texas fly,
To give her bold sons Independence and Freedom.
Arm, arm, sons of the union,
'Gainst Mexican tyranny, &c.

Awake in your halls where you freedom first courted,
And rush to the rescue by sea and by land,
Awake on your rocks where the eagle first sported,
And drive ev'ry foe from a hold on your strand,
Up with your sword and gun,
Down with the Spanish sun,
Your bright stars will light you wherever you need them,
From Sabine to Santa Fee,
Shout death or liberty,
Till all Mexico wears the bright stars of freedom.
Arm, arm, sons of the union,
'Gainst Mexican tyranny, &c.



1. A sun is the banner of Mexico.