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I read your last a few days after mine departed East — and as Lucinda has at last accomplished the task of a letter I avail myself of the occasion to drop a few lines to yourself.

There has not been much sickness for the last two months. I have been engaged lately collecting money & have had better luck than common.

In consequence of a rising of the waters the mail has been detained 3 or 4 days, else our letters would have come quicker to hand. Lucinda's was written 2 or 3 days since. She has enjoyed good health all along but at present is groaning under the tooth ache — her face is much swolen. The winter has been quite open, one snow of five or 6 inches deep has fallen but soon passed away. Today is like spring. We occasionaly receive papers from you for which we are thankful. I have never been in better health and (as the most of people say when they write) hoping these few lines may find you enjoying the same blessing I bring my letter to a close awaiting an early answer

I remain yours
H. Rutherford.