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Hymn 16. 8s & 7s.


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1. See yon glorious star ascending,
Brightly o'er the Southern sea;
Truth and peace to earth portending,
Herald of a Jubilee.


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Hail it, Freemen, Hail it, Freemen
'Tis the star of Liberty.

2. Dim at first, but widely spreading,
Soon 'twill burst supremely bright;
Life and health and comfort shedding
O'er the shades of moral night.
Hail it Bondmen, Hail it, Bondmen,
Slavery cannot bear its light.

3. Few its rays — 'tis but the dawning
Of the reign of truth and peace;
Joy to slaves, yet sad forewarning
To the tyrants of our race.
Tremble, Tyrants, Tremble, Tyrants,
Soon your cruel power will cease.

4. Earth is brighten'd by the glory
Of its mild and peaceful rays;
Ransom'd slaves shall tell the story,
See its light, and sing its praise.
Hail it, Christians, Hail it, Christians,
Harbinger of better days.