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Bolters and Lincoln.


Thursday, August 12, 1858.

We have been looking for some justification of the course pursued towards the Democratic party and Judge Douglas by the men holding office under, and professing so much friendship for the present Administration, while they are urging their friends to support Lincoln, a man who has more affinity for negroes than for the Administration. What support can the President expect form a man who is bold in his denounciation, and is rank with all the isms of the Black Republican party? None at all. There is nothing to be expected from a man who declares that niggers are the equal of white men. Then, can any one of the office holders under the general government, show us wherein he is supporting the Administration in going for Lincoln, than whom a more decided enemy to the President and cabinet cannot be found? If this is serving their master, it is strange service he needs. It is useless for men to argue that they are Democrats when they are making every effort to distract and defeat that party, and they must be totally ignorant of the good sense of the people to suppose that such vile actions will be received as the honest convictions of even the recipients of official favors. The Kansas matter is now settled by the free votes of the people of that Territory, and why attempt to defeat our party upon a dead issue, unless to gratify personal grudges and corrupt aspirations.