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"Come All Who Claim the Freeman's Name."


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Written for the Anti-Slavery Melodies by James H. Wilder.

1. Come all who claim the freemen's name,
Come join in earnest song;
In freedom's praise your voices raise,
And loud the strain prolong.


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Ring out the shout, the land throughout,
No room be here for craven doubt,
In trust arouse, with truthful vows,
Arouse, arouse, arouse.

2. From "British yoke and galling chain"
Our fathers loosed the land:
But other yokes and bonds remain,
Their sons with shame to brand.
For chains and bars and whips and scars
Now mingle with Columbia's stars,
To change for shame her banner's fame,
For shame, for shame, for shame.

3. Sons of the free! shall these things be
Where th' eagle's scream is heard?
Beneath a sky where gleams the eye
Of freedom's mountain bird?
Shall former emblems only be
The epitaphs of Liberty?
Then thunder no! let th' outcry go,
Oh no! oh no! oh no!

4. While justice, honor, mercy, love,
Are aught but empty sounds,
We'll strive foul slavery's curse to drive
Beyond our nations' bounds.
For right we'll fight with all our might,
While truth sheds down her full clear light
"Let all be free." The cry shall be,
Be free, be free, be free.

5. On this fair land let freedom stand,
And wide her banner wave,
Nor ever be our blood-bought soil,
Her hapless, hopeless grave.
While beams the star that shews the North,
While bondmen dream of freedom's worth,
They'll flee away, at rest to stay,
Away, away, away.

6. O God of love! Look from above
In mercy on the slave.
Let blessed peace bring his release,
Let truth be strong to save.
When comes the day, as come it must,
That chains shall crumble into dust,
We'll all hurra, both near and far,
Hurra, hurra, hurra.