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Hymn 33.


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Written for the Anti-Slavery Melodies by Claudius Bradford.

1. Behold, behold, how earth and sky
Are green and bright;
How spring and summer seems to vie,
To yield delight,


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But ah! there's something dims it all,
And checks my verse;
That hangs o'er nature's face its pall,
'Tis slavery's curse.

2. Hark how the birds their gentle notes
Of freedom raise;
How all around the anthem floats
Of prayer and praise;
But ah! there's something, something jars,
With horrid tone;
And all the lovely music mars;
'Tis slavery's groan.

3. Shall mercy's tears no longer flow?
Can pity die?
Can man forget his brother's wo,
And woman's sigh?
Oh no! while reason holds her seat,
And life remains,
We'll pledge our highest efforts yet
To rend his chains.