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They are all Dodging.

AIR — "They are a' Noddin."

They are all dodging, dodge, dodge, dodging,
They are all dodging, in country and in town.

The Barnburners are dodging, and the Harbor fellows too;
We pity you poor Cass, for they're all a dodging you,
They are all dodging, &c.

We are all voting, vote, vote, voting,
We are all voting for Rough and Ready now,
The people love to vote for a hero brave and true,
But they cannot vote for Cass nor Colonel Weller, you,
We are all voting, &c.


They are all flying, fly, fly, flying,
They are all flying, from Cass and Butler now,
The Union and the Statesman "enthusiasm" cry.
But such "enthusiasm," O, its all in my eye.
They are all flying, &c.

They are all nodding, nid, nid, nodding,
They are all nodding in the Locofoco ranks.
In comes old father Ritchie, a dealing out hard knocks.
The devil take you all, you're a set of stupid blocks
They are all nodding, &c.

We are all putting, put, put, putting
We are all putting Cass and Butler through.
We are putting Rough and Ready in the Presidential Chair,
And we're putting Lewis Cass in the "ashes of despair."
We are all putting, &c.