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Yes, Love, Thou'rt Near Me.

Thou art gone, and no voice in thy lov'd tone sings,
But my heart needs no voice to wake memory's strings,
The eyes see the turf where thy fest hath been,
My cheeks feels thy kiss which no eye hath seen,


But a lovely and pitying sprite,
Now whispers thy name.
'Tis the breath of the night!
Oh, love, thou'rt absent! yet thou'rt near
For the song you lov'd comes on mine ear,
And the notes of thy lute on the breezes play
All whispering thy name, tho' thou'rt fly away.

Oh, love, thou'rt near me — near me still,
Tho' waves divide, tho' dangers part;
Oh! love, my heart sweet mem'ry's fill,
They sweetly soothe tho' tears will start,
Thy smiling image cheers my mind —
No fears shall shake, no doubts shall chill
Even absence, absence, closer bind,
Yes, love thou'rt near me still.