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570. Edward L. Pierce (Statement for William H. Herndon).

[December 1889]

From Edward L Pierce. Milton, Mass

The first time I saw Mr Lincoln was in Chicago late in 1856 or early in 1857 at the time John Wentworth was a candidate for Mayor of that city. As


this was before his debate with Douglass he was not yet distinguished; and I only knew of him by his reputation as a leader of the Springfield bar. He spoke all evening with Mr Wentworth in what was then the large hall of the city. I remember nothing that he said, but I well remember that I was impressed with his logical and reflective power, and the absence of all attempt throughout his speech to produce a sensational effect: and his speaking seemed in these respects to differ from the style then prevalent at the West. His topics were national, while those of Mr Wentworth were local and personal. The latter said in the course of his remarks which were in style and manner the opposite of Mr Lincoln's. "Do you wish to know why I am hated by some men. I will tell you. It is because they know that I shall leave no stone unturned to put that man (pointing to Mr Lincoln in the seat which Stephen A. Douglass now disgraces" The next morning I was introduced to Mr Lincoln in the Tribune office"



1. Docketing in Pierce's hand: Various Points about Mr Lincoln from Edward L Pierce Milton.

2. Marginal note: (Joseph Medill of Chicago and Horace White of NY (the Evening Post) doubtless remember the meeting — The Chicago Tribune would show date and probably give some report of what Mr Lincoln said.)