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514. Henry C. Whitney to William H. Herndon.

Chicago July 4. 1887.

My Friend

You must allow me to thank you for your recent letter which is certainly very full and very correct. I guess the fact is that so great & peculiar a man as Lincoln could not make any woman happy. I guess he was too much allied to his intellect to get down to the plane of domestic relations.

I hav had "Six months in the White House" for some days and have read & re read your lecture on Lincoln. No one certainly knew him except you and you knew him thoroughly. When you get out your book you ought to resurrect the lectures — in fact all of them & include them in your Book. A man who held the relations that you did with Lincoln ought to impress his views on the world. I will trouble you no more but if you do get time give me what points you can. You knew Lincoln so very much better than any one else that it seems nonsense for any one else (unless it is Matheny) to try to delineate him.

Your Friend
H C Whitney

Hesler has 3 photos. of Lincoln. One was taken here by him in 1857. Another was taken by him in Springfield just after he was nominated, in 1860.

That is the one Which the Century folks got for their magazine.

It is good.

The he has the Washington one with whiskers. I can send you either one.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3379



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