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485. George B. Balch (Jesse W. Weik Interview).


Geo B Balch born in Tenn. came to Coles Co. in 1830 — Thos Lincoln came in 1830 frm Spen Co Ind in a rude wagon with oxen — wagon all wood not a bit of iron in — moved to Macon Co & Thos L & family returned to Coles Co in 1833 — Abraham did not come After A Lincoln became law student he walked all way from Springfield to see his father and Balch recollects of seeing Thos Ls son — the young lawyer from Springfield. At another visit Abraham conducted lawsuit for one of his fathers old neighbors Richard Gill for trespass — obtained judg. for $10. Gill offered fee of $10 which Abe refused but gave to his father. Balch says Thos L. could write because Squire Grimes has mortgage signed by Thos L. & he could read Bible. an excellent spec. of poor white trash — [illegible] with large nose not so tall as Abraham. Abe visited his grave shortly before going to Washington to be inaugurated to see his fathers grave & visit his stepmother who was living — made arrangements to have stone placed over fathers grave & iron fence but was not done

Thos L had [long?] face & rough man — never drank but lazy & worthless — had few sheep — poked around behind them talked an walked slow —

Lincolns step mother said when her own boy was away at dances Abraham was at home with head at fire place reading or studying.

In 1837 during visit Abrah L. represented neighbor Rogers in Coles Co before Justice and got possession of mare. 1860 during visit to step mother before going to Wash. [illegible] John Rogers came over and brought same mare — said he rode her to polls to vote for L & later remembered mare.

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 2, Memorandum Book 1