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Letter from Zachary Taylor, April 28, 1847.

Camp near Monterey, Mexico, April 28, 1847.

SIR: — Your letter under date of the 16th of March has been duly received. To the inquiry as to whether I am disposed to accept the nomination of President of the United States, if tendered to me from the Native American Convention, I would most respectfully reply, and with full appreciation of the kind feeling which dictated the mention of my name in connection with the dignity and honor of so high an office, that, even if an aspirant for the Presidential office, (which is not the case), I could not, while the country is involved in war, and while my duty calls me to take part in the operations against the enemy, acknowledge any ambition beyond that of bestowing all my best exertions towards obtaining an adjustment of our difficulties with Mexico.

I have the honor to remain, dear sir,
Your most obedient servant,
Z. TAYLOR, Major Gen. U. S. A.

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