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Mantles Dropped at Lexington


Words by GEO. W. BUNGAY.
Music by Henry Tucker

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1. By the radiant stars above us,
Where the angels live that love us!
By the green graves at our feet!
By the sacred soil we tread on!
By the mother's milk we fed on!
We pledge the traitor's sure defeat.

2. By the starry banner o'er us!
By the shout, and song, and chorus!
By the blood in Kansas shed!
By the hero daring danger!
By the Christ rocked in the manger!
We follow where our fathers led!


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3. By the dear ones at our altars!
By the faith that never falters!
By the hopes beyond the sky!
By the Heaven that's bending o'er us!
By the martyrs gone before us!
We will conquer, or we'll die.

4. By the battles, long and gory,
And the victory and glory,
Which our hero - fathers won!
By the hearts that we inherit!
We will win and wear with merit
Mantles dropped at Lexington.