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577. Edward L. Pierce (Fragment of Statement).

[Enclosure H]


Late in the Summer of 1848 the Whigs of Massachusetts held their State Convention at Worcester for the nomination of Presidential Electors and a State Ticket. It was a period of Sanguine hope — they had succeeded the first time for sixteen years in choosing their presidential candidate in 1840 but the early death of Harrison deprived them of much of the fruit of their victory. Again in 1844 nothing but John Slidells atrocious Plaquimine fraud just defeated their candidate Henry Clay. Now, the democrats were divided the larger section nominating Lewis Cass — the Smaller Van Buren, while Zach. Taylor was the Whig nominee.

Nearly all the prominent Whigs of Masstts, (Save Danl Webster) were present. — Among them may be mentioned Edward Everett, Robt C. Winthrop, Rufus Choate, Geo Ashman, both the Hoars, Geo S Hillard, & Alex. H Bullock. — There was present also Abraham Lincoln the sole Whig Representative in Congress from the distant State of Illinois. —



1. The document is written in ink but a few editorial marks appear in pencil: underlining Edward Everett (with a question mark in the margin) and striking through both the Hoars. On blue paper, numbered 1.