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A Bill for an Act to Establish a State Road from Jacksonville to Bloomington, Amended and Passed.

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Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, Represented in the General Assembly, That Russell Post, Jonas Whitney and John Armstrong be and they are hereby appointed Commissioners, whose duty it shall be, to view, mark, survey, and locate a State Road to commence at William Crows in Morgan County; thence by way of Greensburg to Petersburg in Sangamon County, thence to Syracuse, on Section Six, Town twenty North, Range four West from the third principal Meridian in said County of Sangamon, at which place said Road shall terminate.

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the aforesaid Commissioners to view, mark, survey and locate a State Road as follows, commencing at Petersburg in Sangamon County thence to Postsville thence to Waynesville, thence to intersect the State Road leading from Springfield to Bloomington, at or near the farm of Lemuel Foster, in McLean County.

Sec. 3. Said commissioners shall meet on or before the first Monday of June next or within sixty days thereafter at the House of William Crow in Morgan County and after being duly sworn according to Law by some Justice of the Peace faithfully and impartially according to the best of their skill and understanding to execute and discharge the duties imposed upon them by this act, shall proceed to view, survey, locate and mark or stake out said Roads from point to point as mentioned in the foregoing sections of this act, upon the nearest and best routes, avoiding as much as practicable any injury to farms, improvements, and private property of said routes, and when said commissioners shall have completed their surveys and locations of the Roads aforesaid, they shall make a complete plot together with the field notes thereof, which shall be filed in the Office of the several Clerks


of the County Commissioners Courts through which said Roads may pass, within one month after said Roads are surveyed and located, shall be deemed public State Roads.

Sec. 4. The County Commissioners Courts of the several Counties through which said Roads pass shall appoint supervisors of said Roads, who shall cause the same to be opened fifty feet wide and kept in repair as other State Roads.

Sec. 5. The County Commissioners Courts of the several counties through which said Roads pass shall allow to each of said Road Commissioners a compensation for their services not exceeding two dollars per day to each of said Commissioners and to be paid out of the County Treasuries of such Counties in proportion to the portion of said Road in each county.

Passed the House of Representatives
February 8th 1837. D. Prickett Clk HR


No. 121
No. 378
A Bill for an act for a State Road from Jacksonville to Syracuse and Bloomington