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448. Joseph G. Monfort to William H. Herndon.

Cincinnati Aug 10 1867

Dear Sir:

After seeing Mr Lincoln on his way to the inauguration in 1861 I was reminded that I had taught a young man in Nov & Dec 1827 at Camden Preble County O. of his name and size who was about 19 years old & thought it might have been L — After seeing some biographical sketches of him I gave it up. Afterwards I mentioned it to Rev Dr R L. Breckenridge in presence of Rich. Collins Esq. He says that Dr B said the family lived in Ohio. This I do not remember. If he had said this I think I should have pursued the matter further. I have since asked a gentleman who has lived for fifty years at Camden who told me his impression was that the father of my pupil had moved a few miles north toward Richmond Ind & died there but he was not sure. As Mr Barrett, one of Mr Lincolns biographers had confidential relations with Mr L. I took it for granted that my pupil must be some other person though age, name & personal appearance was in favor of his being the same. I can find out by a little effort something about the family over at Camden if it is probable that my former conjectures are worth pursuing further. As the Abram Lincoln who was my pupil was under my care three months I took it for granted that he would have let Mr Barrett know of it if he were the same. After these statements I leave it to you to say whether I shall inquire further

Yours truly
(Signed) J. G. Monfort

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3024



1. This letter is a copy in JWW's hand. Though Monfort's personal encounter with AL turned out to be mistaken, his letters are included here by virtue of their interconnection with the Conkling and Collins sources.

2. Joseph H. Barrett.