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Letter from Zachary Taylor to Wm. G. Wood, Sept. 23, 1848.

Camp near Monterey, Sept. 23, 1847.

SIR: — I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of July 20th, enclosing to me the proceedings of a meeting held by the Democratic Republican Electors of New York City for the purpose of nominating me for the Presidency.

In return, I most respectfully and cordially tender to the citizens composing the meeting, my deep obligations for the high honor conferred upon me, in the Resolutions they have adopted.

In regard to the signification of my approval of the spirit of the Resolutions, I have respectfully to say that agreeably to the spirit and intention of the course which I have thought it advisable to adopt, I do not feel myself at liberty to express any sentiment having the nature of a pledge to any political party.

I have the honor to remain with high respect,

Your most obedient servant
Z. TAYLOR, Major Gen. U. S. Army.

WM. G. WOOD, Esq., President Dem. Rep. Meeting in the City of New York.