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Yo! Yah! Yo! or Strike the Banjo.


Music, with Piano Forte Accompaniment, published by Hall & Son, New York.

O, darkies! come and listen
To what I'm going to say;
Old massa said this morning,
He's going far away.


Come, Sukey, sweep the kitchen,
And Pompey take the bow;
For let us all be merry,
So drop the shovel and the hoe.

Yo! yah! yo!
Strike the old banjo;
For massa's gone away, so we'll have a holiday;
For there's no use of working till he comes back.

All day I pick the cotton,
At night I see Miss Kate;
I ask her if she'd have me;
She says, You're a little too late.
Young Cato was around here,
He loves like all creation;
He says that I'm the greatest belle
That lives on the old plantation.

Yo! yah! yo! &c.

The sausage meat is lovely,
It just suits this 'ere dark;
For when he gets it early,
At noon he 'gin to bark.
One morning Julius eat some;
That night he called on Sophy;
Says she, That chap must leave this house,
For he's got the hydro-per-phoby.

Yo! yah! yo! &c.

There's music in the banjo;
Oh, my! how sweet it sounds;
But when Kate sings La Norma,
They hear it five miles round.
Mr. Johnson has engaged her,
The crowds come here accordin',
And wakes them on the other side of Jordan.

Chorus. Yo! yah! yo! &c.