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Loco-Foco National Convention.


To Baltimore the Locos went,
Du dah, du dah,
To nominate a President,
Oh de du dah day;


They brought six horses to the text,
Du dah, du dah,
To see which one would ride the best,
Oh de du dah day.

Then here's to General Scott,
The hero bold and free;
We'll place him there in the President's chair,
The People's Nominee.

Old CASS came first upon the track,
Du dah, du dah,
But DOUGLASS laid him on his back,
Oh de du dah day;
BUCHANAN next came in the scratch,
Du dah, du dah,
And MARCY with his breeches patched,
Oh de du dah day.


For four long days they held the field,
Each one resolved never to yield,
When suddenly was heard a groan --
These men we fear are too well known.


They battle long, they battle loud,
To find a man in all their crowd,
But none was found to quell their fears,
Till they heard the name of General Pierce.


Then join our ranks -- come one and all,
And help to roll the true Whig ball;
We'll chase the Locos o'er the plain,
With the hero bold of Lundy's Lane.


The battle we are sure to win,
"Old Fuss and Feathers" must come in;


The Locos will find out too soon,
That he is yet that same old coon.


And when he gets to Washington,
The glorious victory will be won;
The Locos there'll around him stoop
To see him take his "plate of soup."