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113. Elizabeth Crawford to William H. Herndon.

January the 4th 1866

Dear Sir

i received your letter of September the 28 and also another of December the 15 i beg to excuesed for not ancern your first letter as i was very buissy ageting ready to Sart to nelson County ky to See about my fathers estate and as you did not Say eny thing about us riting to you we neglected as we Concluded t[hat] you had got all the information that you wanted thair was one thing th[at] i did not think of teling you when you was here that was the flore you was Setting on when you was here was plank that abraham lincoln whip Sawed about the year 1830


We moved to this Country in 1824 and Soon after become aquainted with the lincoln famly when abraham was a strap of a boy and his play mats would fall out with him he would laugh and make rimes and Sing them and tell the boys that he intended to be presedent yet while other boys would quarl he would apper to be a pese maker and while others would romp and lafe he would be engaged in the arithmetic or asking questions about Som history heard or red of

first Chronicles of ruben now thair was a man in those days whose name was ruben and the Same was very grate in substance in horses and Cattle and Swine and avery grate house hold and it Came to pass that when the Sons of ruben grew up that thay ware desirus of taking to them Selves wives and being too well known as to onor in ther own Country So thay took to them Selves a Journy in to a far Country and procured to them Selves wives and it Came to pass that when thay ware about to make the return home that thay Sent a messenger before them to bare the tidines to there parents So thay inquired of the mesengers what time there Sones and there wives wood Come So thay made a grate feast and Cald all ther kinsmen and neighbors in and maid grate preperations So when the time drew near thay sent out two men to meet the grooms and ther brids with a treet to welcom them and to acompny them So when thay Came near to the house of ruben there father the mesengers Came on before them and gave a Shout and the whole multitude ran out with Sho[uts of ] Joy and musick playing on all kinds of instruments of musick Some playing on harps and Some on vials and Some blowing on rams hornes Some Casten dust and ashes tourd heaven and amongst the rest Josiah bloing his buble making Sound So grate that it maid the neighborin hills and valys eco with the resonding aclamation So when thay had played and harped Sounded tell the grooms and brides approched the gate the father ruben met them and welcomed them in to his house and the weding dinner being now ready thay ware all invited to Set down to dinner placing the bridegroomes and ther wives at each end of the table waters ware then apointed to Carve and wate on the guests So when thay had all eaten and ware ful and mary thay went out and Sang and played tell evening and when thay had made an end of feasting and rejoising the multitude dispersed each to his one home the family then took Seat with

ther waters to Converse awhile which time preperations ware being maid in an upper Chamber for the brids to be first Convayed by the waters to ther beds this being done the waters took the two brids up stares to ther beds placing one in a bed at the rite hand of the Stares and the other on the left the waters Come down and nancy the mther inquired of the waters which of the brids was paced on the rite hand and thay told her So She gave directions to the waters of the bridegrooms and thair thay took the bridegrooms and placed them in the rong beds and Came down Stares but the mother being fearful that thair mite be a mistake inquired again of the waters and learning the fact took the light and Sprang up tares and runing to one of the beds exclaimed ruben you are in bed with Charleses wife the young men both being alarmed Sprang out of bed and ran with such violance against each other that thay Came very near nocking each other down which gave evidence to those below that the mistake was Ceartain thay


all Came down and had a Conversation about who had maid the mistake but it Could not be decided

So ended the Chapter

i will tell you a Joke about Jouel and mary
it is neither a Joke nor a tory
for rubin and Charles has maried two girles
but biley has maried a boy
the girles he had tried on every Side
but none could he get to agree
all was in vain he went home again
and sens that he is maried to natty

so biley and naty agreed very well
and mamas well pleased at the matc[h]
the egg it is laid but Natys afraid
the Shell is So Soft that it never will hatc[h]
but betsy She Said you Cursed ball head
my Suiter you never Can be
besids your low Croch proclaimes you a botch
and that never Can anser for me

this is memorised by Mrs elizeabeth Crawford an oald blind lady that Can hardly See

ritten by her Son and farweded

S A Crawford

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2411 — 14; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:186 — 90