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A Bill for an Act to Locate a State Road from Indiana to Sadorus.

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Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois Represented in the General Assembly that Owen West James Barnett and Davies be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to view Mark and locate a State road from the State line of Indianna in a direction to the mouth of the Big Vermilion river in (Said) State thru to Georgetown thru to Chillichathee thence to Sadoris in Champaign County.

Sec. 2. Said Commissioners or a majority of them shall meet on the first day of September or some day thereafter at Georgetown and proceede to perform the duties Assigned them by this Act and before the [unknown] upon the duty assigned them shall take an oath before some Justice of the Peace faithfully to perform their Duty

Sec. 3. (Said) Commissioners shall Make a transcript of these proceedings and shall file a Coppy of the Same with Clerks of the County Commissioners Courts of the several counties through which the Same shall pass and the County Commissioners Courts shall allow (said) Road Commissioners a Reasonable Compensation for their Services and [said) Road when located shall be declared a State road and be opened and kept in Repair as other State roads and this Act Shall take affect from and after its passage


Sec. 4. That Bowling Green, Bennett Abell, and John Bennett, be and they are hereby authorized to meet at any time within six months from the passage of this act, and to relocate so much of the State road leading from Springfield to Lewiston, as lies between the towns of New-Salem and Petersburg, and are required to make a map and report of said relocation and file the same with the clerk of the county commissioner's court of Sangamon county; and for their services shall receive such compensation as the county commissioners of said county shall deem reasonable

Agreed to


A Bill for an Act to Locate a State Road therein Mentioned
Question pending on Engrossment
July 19th 1834.
To be Engrossed as amended.