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"Arouse, New-England's Sons."


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Written for the Anti-Slavery Melodies by Miss M. L. Gardner.

1. Arouse, New-England's sons, arouse!
Wake from your coward sleep,
The tyrant's hand is on your neck,
And shall his fetters keep,


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In bondage, men whom freedom nursed,
In her own chosen home?
Where patriot's blood was freely poured
In holy martyrdom?

2. Arouse, New-England's sons, arouse!
A clinging curse on thee!
If here supinely ye will sleep,
Dreaming that ye are free.
Arouse, and see how false the name,
Which ye so fondly claim,
Free are ye! while ye bear about
The tyrants' galling chain?

3. Free! while the halls ye rear are burned?
Free! while your sons are driven
By slavery's mobs, because they dare
To speak for truth and heaven?
Free! while the very homes you've made
Beside your fathers graves,
Are pillaged if ye dare to aid
The panting, flying slave?

4. Arouse, New-England's sons, arouse!
And lay oppression low,
And strike for freedom and for God,
An earnest manly blow.
Nail up your banner to the wall,
In God's name let it wave,
Until beneath its ample folds
Shall crouch no wretched slave.