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TUNE — "Yankee Doodle."

It rather seems that humbug schemes
Can never more cajole us;
There's such a run for HARRISON,
That nothing can control us.

The Western World the flag's unfurled,
No faction can divide her;
And all the rest will sign the The Test,
"Log Cabin and Hard Cider."

When our frontiers were drench'd in tears,
Their cabins sack'd and gory,
He struck the blow, chastis'd the foe,
Established peace with glory.

Then join the throng and swell the song,
Extend the circle wider;
And let us on for HARRISON,
"Log Cabin and Hard Cider."

When British bands and savage clans
Unitedly assailed us,
Our HARRISON was then the one
Whose courage never failed us.

Through all the west he stood the test,
And all his foes confounded,
And held his posts against the hosts,
By whom he was surrounded,

Though at the Thames some other names
Come in to grace the story,


He laid the plan and led the van
To victory and glory.

Then crowd the throng and swell the song,
And spread his glory wider,
And join the run for "HARRISON,
Log Cabin and Hard Cider."

Let Grundy sneer and Benton jeer
The day of retribution,
We firmly trust 'twill be for us,
A day of Restitution.

And let Calhoun change every moon,
And every such backslider,
We'll go as one, for "HARRISON,
Log Cabin and Hard Cider."

No golden schemes, or Benton dreams,
No Swartwouts to beguile us,
Nor any Price or other vice,
To purchase or defile us.

With HARRISON, our country's one,
No treachery can divide her,
The thing is done with "HARRISON,
Log Cabin and Hard Cider."

Come Farmers all, attend the call,
'Tis working like a charmer,
Hitch on the team, and start for him,
For he's a brother farmer.

His Cabin's fit, and snug and neat,
And full and free his larder,
And though his cider may be hard,
The times are vastly harder.

With social joys — wives, girls and boys,
Our cabins and our cider,
We'll shout as one, for HARRISON,
And spread his glories wider.


The South and West will stand the test,
In spite of every spoiler,
And we'll, engage to seal the pledge