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Wake, Sons of the Pilgrims.


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Air — "M'Gregor's Gathering."

Wake sons of the Pilgrims, and look to your right!
The despots of Slav'ry are up in their might,
Indulge not in sleep, it's like digging the graves
Of blood-purchased freedom — 'tis yielding like slaves.
Then halloo, halloo, halloo to the contest,
Awake from your slumbers, no longer delay,
But struggle for freedom, while struggle you may —


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rally, rally, rally, rally, rally, rally,
While our forests shall wave or while rushes a river,
Oh, yield not your birth-right! maintain it for ever!

Wake, Sons of the Pilgrims! why slumber ye on?
Your chains are now forging, your fetters are done;
Oh! sleep not, like Samson, on Slavery's foul arm,
For, Delilah-like, she's now planning your harm.
Then halloo, halloo, halloo, to the contest!
Awake from your sleeping — nor slumber again,
Once bound in your fetters, you'll struggle in vain;
Then rally, rally, rally, rally, rally, rally —
While your eye-balls may move, O wake up now, or never —
Wake, freemen! awake, or you're ruined forever!

Yes, freemen are waking! we fling to the breeze,
The bright flag of freedom, the banner of Peace;
The, slave long forgotten, forlorn, and alone,
We hail as a brother — our own mother's son!
Then halloo, halloo, halloo, to the contest!
For freedom we rally — for freedom to all —
To rescue the slave, and ourselves too from thrall
We rally, rally, rally, rally, rally, rally —
While a slave shall remain, bound, the weak by the stronger,
We will never disband, but strive harder and longer.