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Republicans! The Nation Calls You


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Words by G. W. Bungay
Arr. by A. Cull

Mixed quartette and chorus.

1. Republicans! the Nation calls you,
Arouse from hill - side, dell and plains;
The cruel foe that would enthral you
Upon our altar forges chains,
Upon our alter forges chains.


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Lo! Liberty, betrayed, lies bleeding
Betwixt the altar and the porch,
Arise, ye heroes, light the torch,
While Heaven hears your interceding.
[Chorus, Two voices]
[both] Awake, awake, arise!
Fling out the flag of stars,
[1] And shake, [2] and shake, [1] and shake, [2] and shake,
[both] and shake the stooping skies,
With thunders of huzzas.


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Sweet Liberty, fair child of Heaven,
Though crowned with thorns, and crucified,
Immortal life to thee is given, And to thy martyrs who have died,
And to thy martyrs who have died.
Their names are writ in song and story,
Spring writes their epitaph in flowers,
Clouds weep our grief in summer showers,
And we should share their fate and glory.
Chorus. -- Awake, &c.

Democracy, where is thy spirit?
I ask, is it the patriot's name?
Alas! that we alone inherit,
Without its freedom and its fame,
Without its freedom and its fame.
Who forfeited the pledge of honor,
Who trampled on the Compromise,
Who made the west a sacrifice,
Kissed Kansas, and then trod upon her!
Chorus. -- Awake, &c.

Lincoln and Hamlin are our leaders,
Their trumpets shout from hill to glen,
Let those who kneel as interceders,
Now rise, and arm like fighting me[n,]
Now rise, and arm like fighting men.
From the plowshare forge the saber,
Forget not gallant Cromwell's cry,
"Trust God, and keep your power dry,"
And strike the fetters from thy neighbor.
Chorus. -- Awake, &c.