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99. Nathaniel Grigsby to William H. Herndon.

Gentrysville Oct 25th 1865

Deare Sir

After respect to you i have seated myself to answer your request of the 17th of Oct which has Just come to hand Chrles and Reuben Grigsby was married April 16th 1830 I have obtained and wil express to you in a few days the Statute laws of Ind Published in the yeare of 1824 which was read by Mr Lincoln while in this Co and i think it was the first law book he ever red, my old brother Wm Grigsby tells me some things that past between himself and Abraham Lincoln which i wil rite and you can publish if you wish to, after the fite between Wm Grigsby and John D Johnson Abraham told Wm Grigsby that he had whiped Johnson but i can whip you but Wm told him that he did not dispute that but if he Lincoln would give he Grigsby a fair cance he would fite him he Lincoln wish to now how he wish to fite, Grigsby told Lincoln he would fite him a duel Lincoln told Grigsby that he Lincoln was not a going to fool his life away with one Shot, So the mater stoped

Permit me to troubl you a minit or two on political maters wel old Ind always true to the government and true to her self has gaind another victory over our commin inimy this part of the State is called the pocket has turned in side out by carring nearly every Co for the union ticket bu large majority, i have seen Mrs Crawford a bout the plank which Abraham whipsawed for his fathers house and sold it to Josiah Crawford when Thomas lincoln left the State for Ill the plank remains in one of Crofford houses in perfect State where old man Wood laid it down the old lady Crawford has a perfect recollection of the whole matter, i can obtain the plank and get sertifices to prove the i denty of it from Wm Wood and Mrs Crawford and have them sworn to if nessessary. if you think it of interest let me know and i wil do so So nomore at pesant

N Grigsby


pleas let me here from you as often as you can also let me know when youre history wil be published

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2381; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:293 — 95



1. Charles Grigsby married Matilda Hawkins in Dubois County, Indiana; Reuben Grigsby, Jr., married Elizabeth Ray in Spencer County, Indiana, on April 16, 1829.