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552. James H. Matheny to Jesse W. Weik.

Springfield Ill., August 21 1888

Dear Sir

I filled up the blank that you Sent to my Son and gave to him to Send you.

The Wedding incident, refered to was one of the funiest things to have witnessed imaginable — No description on paper can possibly do it justice — I never Saw the Book you refer to and therefore do not Know how it was given.

Old Judge Brown was a rough "old timer" and always said just what he thought without regard to place or Surroundings — There was of course a perfect hush in the room as the ceremony progressed. Old Parson Dresser in clerical robes — Brown Standing just behind Lincoln — the Parson handed Lincoln the ring, and as he put it on the brides finger, went through the church formula. "With this ring — thee endow with all my goods and chattles, lands and tenements" — Brown who had never witnessed Such a proceeding, was Struck with its utter absurdity and spoke out So everybody could hear, in an expression, used by him on all occasions by way emphasis, "Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty, Lincoln, the Statute fixes all that" — This was too much for the Old Parson — he broke down under it — an almost irresistable desire to laugh out, checked his proceeding for a minute or so — but finally recovered and pronounced them Husband & wife.

I saw Mr. Herndon to day and he explained to me about the likeness — As it is Simply to represent the "Sangamon Bar" I will have my son Send you one — I


have always had a distaste to perading pictures unless they illustrated Some special purpose — For my old friend Herndons Sake I do hope that you have got up a good Book and that it will Sell Well

Very Respectfully
Jas H Matheny

I have written out the Marriage incident, not for publication but that you might, in your imagination enjoy the Scene.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 4666