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The Christian Mariner.


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C. M.

1. I've launched upon the sea of life
My little bark so frail,
Nor fear to meet the raging storm,
The tempest and the gale.

Then hoist every sail, &c.

2. For Jesus is my pilot now,
My everlasting guide,
He'll bear me to the port of peace,
O'er life's tempestuous tide.

Then hoist every sail, &c.

3. Blow, breezes of the spirit, blow!
And spread the gospel sails;
Waft down thy silent breath divine,
In sweet propitious gales!

Then hoist every sail, &c.

4. Land! land! the hopeful watcher cries
In faith's extreme delight;
Land! land! each joyous soul replies,
Fair Canaan heaves in sight.

Then hoist every sail, &c.