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The Coon Song.


(Sung at the great Mass Convention at Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 22, 1844.)
TUNE — "Ole Dan Tucker"

The skies are bright, our hears are light,
By thousands we once more unite;
We'll sing our songs to good old tunes,
For there is music in these "Coons."
Hurrah! hurrah! we think with reason,
That this will be a great Coon season.

The Whigs, today, feel mighty grand;
They've heard the news from Maryland;
The Locos thought asleep to cross 'em,
But found the Coons were playing Possum.
Hurrah, &c.

But "wide awake" surprised to see him,
They tried to fool him, chase and tree him;
But when they got into the fight,
My stars, how that Old Coon did bite!
Hurrah, &c.


They found the Coons so very plenty,
They'd look for one, and then find twenty;
But not a Coon would there agree
With "progressive Democracy."
Hurrah, &c.

The "Old Coon" in his time was needy;
Perhaps that made him sometimes greedy;
But now he looks around with pride,
For who is here dare touch his hide?
Hurrah, &c.

The Red Fox hole at Lindenwald,
By that Old Coon was sadly mauled;
If he keeps fat 'twill be because
He'll take to sucking his own paws.
Hurrah, &c.

Though Lokeys give all their old shoes,
And crow and fret as they may choose,
They'll find the Red Fox too unlucky
To fool the Coon of Old Kentucky.
Hurrah! Hurrah! We think with reason,
That this will be a great Coon season.