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The Star of Temperance.

TUNE — Zion.

I have wandered from east to west
By day and by night;
In vain have I sought for rest
In sinful delight.
I have spent my days
Travelling in folly's maze
And in forbidden ways,
Leaving the right.

I've drank from the nectared bowl
The bright ruby wine;
I've bowed my thirsty soul
Before Bacchus' shrine.
But there's a hollow still,
Sinful pleasures cannot fill;
And nought ever will,
But love divine.

Thus I have spent my youth
In sorrow and shame,
Folly's envenomed tooth
Hath poisoned my brain.
Thoughts of coming years
To my darkened soul appears
Filled with doubts and fears,
Blasting my fame.

Lo, yon bright star above,
Shining on me!
Emblem of Truth and Love,
I bow to thee.
Star of temperance,
Purity and excellence,
Pledged to Abstinence
I will ever be.