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Yours of June 1st came to hand a few days ago. Affairs in this country look rather bad. The immense quantity of rain which has fallen has destroy[ed] in a measure our prospects. Some are still planting. The wheat has a rank appearance but from the same cause it is struck with the rust and a disease called the spot. The rivers of the west are uncommonly high this season. The Wabash at this time has to be ferried nearly 2 miles. The Mississippi at St. Louis is 9 miles wide. Great destruction of property is the consequence. The month of June is generaly the best to visit this country as there is a heavy freshlet every year at that time and the facilities of steamboat navigation are then in perfection. We look forward with pleasure to the time when you will honor us with a visit.

There has nothing new or strange befallen us since I last wrote except the birth of a son which happened on the 21st of this month. Lucinda & he are both doing well. She had all things considered quite an easy labour although it lasted 24 hours. He is considered by most of folks as well as ourselves to be a "mighty pretty child" as they say in Illenois. He is quite fat, plump & lively & will weigh 6 or 7 pounds. Lucinda requests me to say that his name is John.

I have been unwell for a day or two but at present am something better. I shall look for a letter from you soon.

H. Rutherford