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The Bonnie Clay Flag.


Inscribed to the Boston Clay Club, No. 1.
(Set to music and copyright secured by C.S. Kieth.)

Hey the bonnie, ho the bonnie,
Hey the bonnie Clay Flag;
Blithe and merrie were we all,
When they put up the Clay Flag.
Young and old, and maidens gay,
Gathered on the lawn that day,


And merrily all cheered away,
As waved on high the Clay Flag.
Hey the bonnie, ho, &c.

Three staffs were set upon the green —
The Linden, with its tattered screen,
The withered Palm, while towered between
The ash-staff of the Clay Flag —
Firmest, highest of the three —
Proudest emblem of the free;
Around it gather all in glee,
For well they love the Clay Flag.
Hey the bonnie, ho, &c.

ASHLAND blazoned on its folds;
High it waves o'er Lindenwold's!
True each hand that it upholds,
True each heart to the Clay Flag.
Graven on its field of blue,
Lo, a name to Freedom true!
That, rung o'er hill and valley through,
Wins huzzas for the Clay Flag.
Hey the bonnie, ho, &c.

Bear it with a soldier's pride!
Foul Dishonor shall not bide,
Nor Treason's hateful spectre glide


Where floats the bonnie Clay Flag.
Bear it with a soldier's hand!
Its bugle call shall wake the land,
Till all true hearts — a gallant band —
Shall rally for the Clay Flag!
Hey the bonnie, ho, &c.

Plant it by the mountain's side!
Plant it by the silver tide!
From golden spire to forest wide,
O plant the bonnie Clay Flag!
Spread its starry folds on high!
Millions shout and gather nigh,
Welcoming sweet victory,
As she lights upon the Clay Flag.
Hey the bonnie, ho, &c.

Here's a hand, true lover mine!
Pledge me, and that hand is thine!
Pledge me true, in storm or shine,
To guard the bonnie Clay Flag.
Its glory let no ill betide!
Guard it as thy country's pride!
Guard it as thou wouldst thy bride!
God bless the bonnie Clay Flag!
Hey the bonnie, ho, &c.



1. Since Ashland has become immortal, Mr. Van Buren has concluded to have his Linderwold. The Linden or Lime tree is a good representative of the sour and poisonous ingredients of Van Burenism. The Palm — a tree that withers when its fruit is extracted — gives Carolina the name of the Palmetto State.