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Lincoln -- Lincoln!


Sept. 15, 1858.

Mr. Lincoln is to be received by his friends at the platform in front of the Doan House, on the 23rd, and conveyed in a private carriage to the fair ground, at which place Mr. Douglas is to speak. On the evening of the 23rd Mr. Lincoln is to be the guest of the West Urbana Republican Club, at the Doan House. On the 24th the club and citizens in mass are to meet on the Park or Public Square at 10 A.M., to form in procession and escort Mr. Lincoln to the fair grounds.

Thirty-two couple on horse-back, ladies and gentlemen are to form in procession and proceed to march to Urbana with music and banners, and will be joined by the citizens of Urbana and vicinity, from thence to the fair ground -- here a basket pic-nic dinner will be the order, after which, at 2 o'clock P. M., speaking will commence.

Mr. Lincoln will reply to the speech of Mr. Douglas, of the 23d. Come Republicans, come Democrats, come everybody, and hear the two leaders and champions of the two parties, and judge for yourselves. Let us have a good friendly time.

On the evening of the 24th, Mr. Lincoln will be the guest of the Urbana Club.

Trumbull, Thompson and Lane of Indiana, are invited.

The Committee that served the West Urbana Club so faithfully in arranging for the Monticello convention, on Finance and Banners, were reappointed by a unanimous vote of the Club.