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160. Dennis F. Hanks to William H. Herndon.


well William

I have jest Received your Last Letter askin More questions those is Very Easy to answer But Billy thare is Sum words hard to Make out plese take pains to write plain if I Make a Mistake it will because I Dont understand your words

1st question How Cumes it that Lincoln him Self Calls his Mother Nancy Hanks I Say this I Dont Believe he Ever Said So for his Mother was Nancy Lincoln hir Madin Name Nancy Sparrow So what is the use of all this

2d When Did first here it Said in the family or any where that—Abram—Enloe was Lincoln farther I No Enloe Very well Thare Never was any Such talk in the family a Bout Such a thing it false I No it is That Man is Ben Ded 55 years


you Say that you have Received a Letter from Charles Friend—he wishes to No Sum of your ants and unkels I will say this Billy a Bout it I am a Base Born Child My Mother was Nancy Hanks the ant of A Lincoln Mother My first ant Lucy Sparow Next polly Friend Next Elizabeth Sparrow These is on My Mothers Side and—Abes—one ant on My fathers Side Maried Zary Willcox hir name was Sally Friend I Dont Recollect any More at this time for it has Ben 50 years Sence See them

tell Charles Friend that I was Raised By a Man By the Name of Thomas Sparrow the Brother of A Lincoln grandfarther this Charles Friend is My Brothers Sun write to Old William Cissne he Noes all a Bout us if he has Not forgot he is 89 years old and Richard Creal this Man is My School Mate.

Billy Write to Robert Friend he is Charles uncle his postoffice is Buffalo Larue County

Billy Write plain So that I will Make No Mistake

If I have Missed any thing Let Me No

When you get all the information from those friends of Mine Let Me No

D. F. Hanks

4.o.clock Eve

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2511; Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:253—55



1. See CW 3:511—12 and 4:60—67.