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Petition to Governor Augustus C. French for a Pardon in the Case of Jacob Hoffman.

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To the Honorable Augustus C. French Governor of the State of Illinois.

The undersigned would respectfully represent, that at the April Term of the McLean County Circuit Court one Jacob Hoffman was indicted for the crime of Forgery. That to said indictment said Hoffman plead guilty, and was by the court sentenced to the Penitentiary for the term of one year. That they believe that this is the first offence of which said Hoffman has been guilty. They would further state that he has been confined in the Jail for the county of McLean for about five months. That he is yet quite a young man, and connected with a large and respectable, though poor family who reside in Fulton County Illinois. That the Father of said Hoffman is an old, and infirm man and that he and his family, have depended for subsistance to a considerable extent, upon the labour of said Jacob Hoffman.

That in consideration of the premises they would humbly petition your Honor that the punishment may be remitted, and said Hoffman set at liberty, and as in duty bound your petitioners would ever pray &c.


J. E. Parke
D. Davis
W. H. [Meacon?]
M. C. [Bockman?]


H. H. Fell
[B. Cox?]
[A. Cheney?]
Joshua [Gooken?]
E. [Dalsen?]
J. G. [Foster?]
C. Baker
[Wm. C. Hartley?]
[Thomas N. Rhight?] [John Mayes?]
[N. W. Cox?]
[H. H. Mannen?]
[Chester Winchester?]
[Eli Barnet]
[R. O. Marinner?]
[J. W. Ewing?]
[M. B. Rowan?]
[H. A. Tainster?]
[J. B. Campbell?]
[John Deitrich?]
[William Harrison?]
[John Macabay?]
[B. F. Hains?]
[Matthew Rohl?]
[Josiah Hore?]
[Wm. Matthew?]
[A. Marley?]
John [unknown]
James Miller
A. H. [unknown]
[E. N. Powell?]
Washington [Lewes?]
Joseph [Kitchell?]
[R. A. Baker?]
[John Radcliff?]
[John Macabay?]
[M. H. Hawks?]
[John Carter?]
[George Coughman?]
[Noah Shire?]
[Joseph Casothers?]
[Jas Walton?]
G. Winchester
[W. Taylor?]
[J. L. Loury?]
[A. G. Merriman?]
[Wm. Sepply?]
[Richard Dodge?]
[W. H. Temple?]
[W. H. Gray?]
[John Lindly?]
[J. Duncan?]
[R. G. Davies?]
[James Franklin?]
[Peter McCullough?]
[Isaac Murphy?]
[Henry Miller?]
[Chas. D. Butler?]
[Tanner Bloun?]
Campbell [unknown] by request
A. Lincoln
James [Frisby?]
Andrew Davis
Jonathan [Glimpen?]
Isaac Baker
E. [Gounman?]
W. Hobbs
John L. [Routt?]
Wm. [Newton?]
Jonathan [Dawson?]
Wm. R. [Rundel?]
D. E. [Stine?]


David M. Smith
Paul [unknown]
Henry [Whipple?]
S. S. [Wychoff?]
D. B. [unknown]
J. S. [Crosthwait?]
[unknown] Corring?
Wm. Newton
Danl. Clinton [Van Bau?]
William Long
Willis [unknown]
Wm. [Huffman?]
Henry [Kilter?]
Samel [Horton?]
H. [Simmely?]
John Baughman by request
Benjamin W. [Hepler?]
James [Conley?]
Joseph [Hitten?]
Abram [Muf?]
Edward [Davis?]
E. S. Beadly by request?
W. H. [Millam?]
Logan [Dewes?]
Wm. M. [Court?]
J. [Solomon?]
John [Myres?]
H. [Mathem?]
C. [James?]
S. S. [Hatcher?]
Danneth [Burse?]
Thos L. [Weing?]
S. S. [unknown]
J. H. [Laws?]
Sam [Hopman?]
George [unknown]
H. [Browse?]
H. H. [Hiller?]
John A. [Lane?]
W. N. [Cline?]
Jais [Hillon?]
John [Sherwood?]
P. H. [Aton?]
Lowry [Hayes?]
Leonard [Wheeler?]
John [Laughly?]
Jackson [unknown]
S. S. [Slaght?]
L. [Millard?]
V. [Calder?]
David J. [Waggoner?]
L. [Mather?]
Wiley [Jones?]
W. B. [Saile?]


These and all the below signed are of Fulton Co. and the immediate neighbours of the said Jacob Hoffman and of his father George Hoffman and are well aware of the bulk of the statements in the above petition and cordially join in the prayer thereof

A. C. [Nelson?]
Richd L. [Moran?]
George S. [Downing?]
A. G. [Downing?]
Elijah Capps
Cary Capps
John Wilson
James [Ellis?]
L. C. [Wilson?]
W. G. [Green?]
Jas [unknown]
Frederick [unknown]
James [Davis?]
Thomas [Bend?]
Stanely [unknown]
Frank C. [Foster?]
J. H. [Bass?]
R. A. [Venable?]
C. [Midwell?]
S. [Lueker?]
S. Smith
E. [Heage?]
John [Haham?]
P. O. [Stenson?]
S. W. [Vittman?]
Jonas [Rawalt?]
John [Lawe?]
Job [Shrum?]
J. W. [Proctor?]
Albert [Emory?]
Wm. [Wills?]
William [Murray?]
Preston [Sebnee?]
James Taylor
A. P. [Hallows?]
Wm. H. [Murphy?]
Samuel [Heath?]
Daniel [Pronell?]
J. [Doolittle?]
David [Hiby?]
Jm. H. [unknown]
Hugh [Martin?]
Alexander [Filbey?]