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Republican Combinations.


Thursday, September 23, 1858.

It has been apparent for some time, that the republican leaders are sadly disheartened. – They see defeat for their candidates, and distruction for their party organization awaiting them. To avert this bitter end they are resorting to the most desperate, as well as infamous expedients. Single handed and alone, they know they are insufficient to accomplish any of their purposes. In this state, like the desperate gambler, they have staked their all upon one more, and the last throw of the dice, and are pressing into their service all the factions and isms of the day. They bespatter the federal office holders, actual or expectant, who have bolted the regular nominations of the democratic party, with the most fulsome adulations, and laud them as the most incorruptible of patriots, because these consistent, honest, politicians are laboring, either directly or indirectly, to secure the election of Lincoln. Not satisfied with this, they are now seeking publicly to identify themselves with the Know Nothing party that
[portion of newspaper missing]
Governor of Illinois – a party which makes the "particular spot" in which a man was born, as well as his religion, a qualification of citizenship – which would withhold from the honest and intelligent foreigner what they would accord to the negro, provided he was born in the right "spot." In accordance with this plan, Mr. Washburne, during a recent visit to New York, said that "republicans and Americans were working shoulder to shoulder – hand to hand in the present fight."

The Chicago Journal says "it is much to be regretted that the New York State Convention of the Republicans, and the Americans failed to agree upon some plan of "union and co-operation," and that, "by failing to consolidate, they are encouraging the" opposition "to hope for an easy triumph." It also intimates a hope, that notwithstanding this failure, these two parties will yet "become consolidated into one grand party," not only in that state but "throughout the whole country, before the next Presidential campaign."

Naturalized citizens, are you willing to support a party which, if it ever has the power, will not only deprive you of a participation in the administration of the affairs of the government of your adopted country, but will prevent your fathers, and brothers, it may be, and friends, who may hereafter seek an assylum from oppression in this country, from enjoying any of the privileges of citizenship until they have served a probation of at least two thirds of an ordinary life time? If you are; then vote for the Republican candidates.