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An Abstract of Title, Lot 2, Block 44, Original Town of Chicago

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Abstract of Title to Lot 2 in Block 44 Original Town of Chicago,
1. Lot 2 above named was purchased of the Canal Commissioners Sept. 27th. 1830 by Lyon Bourrissa for $41. Patent not found.
Lion Bourrissa
2. to
Joseph La Framboise
Warrantee Deed. Dated July 11th. 1834. Consid. $5. Conveys Lot 2 in Block 44 in the Town of Chicago. Recorded July 2d 1835. Book d. page 218.
Joseph La Frommboise
3. to
Ashbel Steele
Warrantee Deed. Dated June 29th. 1837 Consid. $22 000. Conveys same Lot. Deed not acknowledged. Recorded July 5th. 1837 Book S. page 261.
Ashbel Steele
4. ads
Wm H. Stow Byran King
Wm Jones & H.B. Clark
Judgment in Municipal Court of the City of Chicago. July 15th. For $850.06 & costs $23.12 Exon. 146 isued Aug. levied on Lot 2 in Block 44. Origl. Town of Chicago, which buildings thereon, Nov. 19th. 1837. And returned for vend. Exponus. Exon. 414 issued April 28th. 1838. Returned satisfied by sale Jany. 2nd 1839. To Wm H. Stow for $986.