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Letter from Governor Joseph Duncan to Commissioner William Archer Concerning Canal Lands

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Elm Grove 15th August 1836

Dr Sir

I have this moment received your letter recommending the purchase of Several points on the canal route for the use of the State It is certainly desirable to increase the canal fund as much as possible and I can see no reason why the state should not derive all the benefits arrising from the construction or location of the Canal.

You are therefore authorized, in conjunction with the other Canal Commissioners to purchase such points as you believe will become valuable and take the conveyance in such form as will vest the right in the State

Your friend

Joseph Duncan
Govr of Illinois

Col Wm B Archer

P S I am pleased to hear that you progress with the canal and hope for its early completion

Your letter previously to leaving Chicago was received here during my absence and as I could not comply with your request at the time and not knowing where a letter would find you I did not answer it

Wm B Archer

Your friend

Joseph Duncan