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Lincoln's Picture.


Written in behalf of several leading Republicans, and respectfully submitted to the party, by JOHN QUOD, Jr.

TELL us of his fight with Douglas –
How his spirit never quails:
Tell us of his manly bearing,
Of his skill in splitting rails.

Tell us he's second Webster,
Or, if better, Henry Clay;
That he's full of gentle humor –
Placid as a summer's day.


Call him Abe, or call him Abram –
Abraham – 'tis all the same,
Abe will smell as sweet as either,
We don't care about the name.

Say he's capable and honest,
Loves his country's good alone, --
Never drank a drop of whisky, --
Wouldn't know it from a stone.

Tell again about the cord-wood,
Seven cords or more per day;
How each night he seeks his closet,
There, alone, to kneel and pray.

Tell us he resembles Jackson,
Save he wears a larger boot,
And is broader 'cross the shoulders,
And taller by a foot.

Any lie you tell we'll swallow, --
Swallow any kind of mixture;
But oh! don't, we beg and pray you, --
Don't, for God's sake, show his picture!