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Scott and Graham.



In Baltimore the Whigs agreed
Upon their candidate,
And mean that he shall be the man
To guide the Ship of State;
He bears a name that is without
A blemish or a spot --
A patriot, hero, statesman, sage --
Who else but WINFIELD SCOTT --
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
For Scott, the brave and true,
Who never yet has lost a fight,
Nor will not lose it now!


Two Generals are in the field,
Frank Pierce and Winfield Scott --
Some think that Frank's a fighting man,
And some think he is not --
'T is said that when in Mexico,
While leading on his force,
He took a sudden fainting fit,
And tumbled off his horse.
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
For Winfield the undaunted,
Who never on the battle field
Surrendered, fled, or fainted!

But gallant Scott has made his mark
On many a bloody plain,
And patriot hearts beat high to greet
The chief of Lundy's Lane.
And Chippewa is classic ground,
Our British neighbors know;
And if you'd hear of later deeds,
Go ask in Mexico!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
For Scott and Graham true,
They are the boys to lead the fight,
The boys to win it, too!

Now, boys, we'll go the nominees,
And whip out Pierce and King;
From Maine to California,
We'll make the welkin ring.
We'll give the Lokies good Scott "soup,"
Of which so much we've read,
And if they should'nt like our soup,
We'll give them Graham bread!
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
When e'er chance permits,
With warm Scott soup and Graham bread,
We'll give the Lokies fits.


Then let us enter on the fight --
Our cause is just and high;
Let's show our foes the "fuss" we raise
Will make the "feathers" fly.
The gallant Scott, who leads the van,
Is honest, faithful, true;
And he has got the people's heart --
So we say -- what say you?
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
For Scott the brave and true;
He's got the honest people's heart,
So say we -- what say you?

Then, boys, hurra for Winfield Scott,
Who leads the great Whig troop,
And only takes when duty calls,
"A HASTY plate of soup!"
Who never counts his enemies,
And never knows a fear,
But gives his foes a ranking fire,
In front and "in the rear!"
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
For Scott the brave and true,
Who never faints on battle fields,
Who fights his battles through!

Now, if you'll work, you gallant Whigs,
For Scott and Willie Graham,
We'll only let the Locos tell
The place where we shall lay 'em.
And when the "fainting" Pierce boys talk
Of "feathers" day and night,
Just let them know in Scott's war-hat
There is not a feather white.
Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!
For Scott and Graham true;
They are the boys to lead the fight,
The boys to win it, too!