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Bright is the Daybreak.


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Air, "Rory O'More."
Arranged by G. W. C.

Oh, bright is the daybreak, and thrilling the sight
Of America's rally for freedom and right;
Her sons and her daughters she calls from afar.
To hail the bright advent of Liberty's star.


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Maine standeth firm with breast to the floods;
Her sons' hearts as high as their tall piny woods;
And shoulder to shoulder, New Hampshire is there,
With lots of brave freemen, enough and to spare!


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who shall count all her Green mountain boys? When Liberty raiseth, her clarion voice;
Massachusetts, God bless her! When freedom's at stake,
Every soul of her children are up and awake!

Rhode Island is little, but goeth it strong;
And Connecticut too, who don't ‘calculate’ wrong;
New York! no mistake, she will take up the Van;
When New Jersey arises, beat her if you can.
Pennsylvania is ready, the old State of Penn —
How can she do other than succor free men?
And Delaware, too, with old Maryland yet;
For free soil and freedom will precedent set!
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and all,
With Ohio for freedom will stand or will fall;
And soon thro' the length and the breadth of our land;
Not a heart shall be cold, not a recreant hand!