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158. Charles Friend to William H. Herndon.

Hodgenville Feb 22d 1866

Dear Sir

Yours of the 15th Inst was handed me yesterday.

You don't make the matter clear enough, yet as you seem to be in doubt yourself.

The impression here among the old Pe[ople] is that Hanks and Abe wer half Brothers, for the say, Jess Friend married Pollie Thomas Sparrow Betsie Levi Hall Scytha. Now there was only on to have been the Mother of H. & L. if they are Correct in these recollections.

Thomas Sparrow had no Children, And therefor he took Hank to raise. My Grand Father, Charles, is said to be the Father of DFH The Old Man blieved it himself for he took him and kept him 6 year, and would hardly be peswaded to let Sparrow have his Hanks also sayes in his Letter that he was half Brother to the Friend Family

Chas Friend

I send you what Mr Clagett sayes of the Lincoln Family he wrot it himself and I though I'd Just sen it, and if is worth any thin I'm glad he is a truthful man. C F



1. For Dennis Hanks's more accurate description of the relationship of his mother to Nancy Hanks Lincoln, see §143.