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He Comes! The Fearless Man


[The following song was sung at the Republican Ratification Meeting at Boston.]

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1. HE comes! he comes! the fearless man --
Throw all your banners forth!
Chicago bids him lead the van
Of a united North.

Chorus -- Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!
Let shouts for Lincoln ring!
In union right let all unite
To hail our Prairie King.

2. A nation's hand has wreathed his brow,
With stars her valor won;
To union's quickstep, marching now,
Comes freedom's Western Son. -- Chorus.

3. Farewell to cliques that would disown
The people's high behest --
That people's waiting hand shall crown
The champion of the West. -- Chorus.

4. The people's rights, the people's voice,
His battle cry shall be --
A nation, in Chicago's choice,
Hails freedom's sovereignty. -- Chorus.

5. The equal rights of North and South,
He fearless doth proclaim --
He'll tear disunion's flag from both,
And blast each traitor's name. -- Chorus.

6. Then, 'neath the stripes time's hand hath blent,
'Neath stars our fathers won,
We'll make our Lincoln President,
In Eighteen Sixty - one. -- Chorus.