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Lincoln at Bloomington.


Tuesday, September 14, 1858.

Mr. Lincoln addressed the largest political assembly which ever convened in McLean county, at Bloomington on Saturday. A correspondent writes us as follows:

"At two o'clock the procession was formed, reaching over two miles. The line was gay with banners and devices, flags and emblems.

At 3 o'clock, L. Swett, Esq., introduced Mr. Lincoln to the immense audience, who, in a speech of surpassing power, enchained them for two hours and a half. His appeal to Henry Clay Whigs, whom Douglas was sliming over with praises, was particularly pointed and effective. On the whole, it was one of his best efforts. On closing, the assembled throng rose, and gave three times three for LINCOLN, our next Senator.

In the evening a large concourse again assembled and were ably addressed by Messrs. Weldon and Parks, the greatest enthusiasm being manifested.

Old McLean is all right by an increased majority." – Chicago Jour.