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Campaign Song for 1860.


COME, all true Democrats, and join
The cohorts of the free;
Douglas and Johnson lead the way
To certain victory.

CHO. – Then clear the track for little Dug,
Who's always sure to win;
The "railers" with their "ugly mug"
Will find they "can't come in."

Our motto is, "the people's right
To rule where'er they be;"
"Non-intervention" we proclaim,
With "Popular sovereignty."

CHO. – Then clear the track, &c.


The Constitution and the laws
Shall always be maintained;
This land with fratricidal blood
Ought never to be stained.

CHO. – Then clear the track, &c.

From shore to shore, from sea to sea,
Make the glad tidings known,
Douglas and Johnson are the men
We'll send to Washington.

CHO. – Then clear the track, &c.