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Meribah. Judgment Anticipated. C. P. M.


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L. Mason.
Ovington's Col.

1. When thou my righteous Judge shalt come
To take thy ransom'd people home,
Shall I among them stand?
Shall such a worthless worm as I,
Who sometimes am afraid to die,
Be found at thy right hand?

2. I love to meet thy people now,
Before thy feet with them to bow,
Though vilest of them all;
But — can I bear the piercing thought? —
What if my name should be left out,
When thou for them shalt call!


3. O Lord, prevent it by thy grace —
Be thou my only hiding-place,
In this th' accepted day;
Thy pardoning voice O let me hear,
To still my unbelieving fear,
Nor let me fall, I pray.